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“The abiding American myth of the self-made man comes attached to another article of faith—an insistence, even—that every self-made man can sustain whatever self he has managed to make. A man divided—thwarting or interrupting his own mechanisms of survival—fails to sustain this myth, disrupts our belief in the absolute efficacy of willpower, and in these failures often forfeits his right to our sympathy. Or so the logic goes. But I wonder why this fractured self shouldn’t warrant our compassion just as much as the self besieged? Or maybe even more?”
—Leslie Jamison, The Empathy Exams

george fox university (which recently denied housing to a presurgical trans man student) just updated their policy, according to autostraddle, to say that post-surgery trans students will be granted appropriate housing, sayng that their dorms are “single-sex, designated anatomically”

literally so stupid, dont they see that transgender identity invalidates their antiquated, binarist, ridiculous ideas of determining one’s sex/gender by anatomy

theyre literally trying to show they’re inclusive but yet still hang on desperately to this stupid idea without seeing the irony

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